Word Whore Thursday: Mine Eyes!

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I’m over at my weekly Word-Whores post today, talking about what happens when your family members read your sex scenes. (If anything. Maybe you’ve got super cool family members. Maybe they disown you. Maybe they don’t care?) Feel free to run over there and laugh and share your own experiences with the awkward way of words. (Don’t even get me started on my co-workers, particularly the ones that won’t look me in the eye anymore. *ahem*)… Read more

What Price, Purity?

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Warning: This is a bit of a rant, though I’ll try to keep it toned down. Much of it can be attributed to this article on the Washington Post, about the “re-virgination of women in China.” More specifically, this quote: Some men who were interviewed agreed about the importance of finding a virgin. “I really care about virginity,” said Xia Yang, product manager for a technology company. “If you go to buy a cellphone, of course you’d want to buy a new cellphone. Who would spend the same amount of money to buy an old cellphone that’s been used for two years?”  Yeah. And then my head exploded. Can someone *please* explain to me why a woman’s sole value is placed squarely on the existence (or lack thereof) of a membrane?  I mean, yes, the virginity thing is a common trope for so many historical romances – how the heroine… Read more

Yoda shoes…

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Meh. I had a point to make here and then I got all rambley. Sue me. I was running around Facebook today and there’s a group there that is talking about how to balance out sex and violence in their books. Mostly it’s a lot of people just talking about what they do in their own writing or what they like or don’t like. It’s kind of funny really – there’s an awful lot of people that don’t like sex *or* violence. Or just writing it maybe. So then I have to wonder…is it really that they don’t like reading/writing it, or is it that they just don’t know how to? (Admittedly this is a group of mystery/suspense writers, so there may be a bit of a bias here) For myself, I think I can read or write either – in whatever amounts are required for the story. Note that… Read more


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This is probably going to be a TMI blog entry, so if you’re squeamish you should probably stop reading. You’ve been warned. Carry on. 🙂 I had been reading an entry on LKH’s blog earlier this week. It’s on my blog-roll somewhere to the right, so I’m not going to link to it directly. I have a love/hate thing with LKH which I’m not going to get into here, but in her blog entry she talked about not writing about what you know, but about writing on what you want to know about. I think that actually makes a lot of sense, provided you put in the research behind it – whether it’s about firearms, or how the post office works, or repairing car engines, or whatever. If you’re going to write about something, you’d better be able to back up what you say. Eventually people are going to call… Read more