Word Whore Thursday: Shoes

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I’m over at Word Whores today, talking a little bit about my love for certain sorts of shoes. Probably nothing new for anyone who follows this particular blog, but it was still fun to revisit some of the older posts from over the last few years.… Read more

Shoe Whore

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Been a while since I’ve bought any new shoes. I mean, with all the back issues I’ve had it seems a bit cruel to myself to buy something I can’t wear. But today was hopefully my last prolotherapy treatment (though I may be heading toward doing something with my knees next – I’ve got to get some x-rays for starters. Whee.) I needed something nice for under my faery costume next week anyway, so these seemed like they might work. I’ll manage for a short while in them at least, but my faery costume is huge and long and I’m not likely to dance it in. (I’ll prance about for a little while and then change out of it and into something a bit more practical.) Of course Lucy wasn’t about to be outdone, so I snagged her a pair of these lovely little pink things. –> The shoe-whore gene… Read more

Boot Whore!

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I caved this week and bought this awesome pair of boots from New Rock. They come from Spain. They are awesome. And I took a big chance on them, because you can’t return them – even if you buy the wrong size. I’m normally about a 7.5, (which can really go either way depending on the brand of shoe). All they had was a 7 or 8, and it’s a damn good thing I went with the 8. They fit like a glove. Now I originally bought them as part of my super-duper SteamPunk costume thing I’m putting together. (And awesomely enough, the designer has sent me the corset mockup – I need to get laced into it and take pictures to send her…I’ll probably post a few here as well, but it’s coming along very nicely. ūüôā You know – here we are again. I’ll admit I just put… Read more

In the Shoe-store, No One Can Hear You Scream.

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Brilliant. I kind of want them. Kind of. Wonder if HR Giger would approve?… Read more

And Speaking of Shoe WTFkery…

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Do you walk with it? Or do the unspeakable to someone in the bedroom.? Both? These all came from my new favorite site, If Shoes Could Kill. And they will, my friends, they will. For those of us who don’t carry a purse, maybe? Braiiiiiinnnnssss…..… Read more