Word Whore Thursday

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I’m over at Word Whores today – this week’s theme is dream homes or locations we’d like to live. I’m all about fairy tale cottages, so I’ve got some nice pictures over there. Apologies for yesterday’s lack of post – lots going on and I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed. Both kids sick, me sort of sick, mr myn’s old roomate passed away on Monday and I had 4 more nerves burned out in my spine. It makes for an ugly sort of day, to be honest.  And to top it off, the nerve burning ended up numbing a huge patch of skin on my back. It’s really funky feeling. (And on another note of Allison-is-a-bit-of-a-medical-freak, it turns out I seem to have some weird little vestigial floating ribs that don’t go anywhere. Like they’re only 2 or 3 inches long. Freaky McFreakerson.) Also incidentally, this new painkiller they… Read more

All About a Freckle

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I could talk about my nerve burning procedure today…but I won’t. Though apparently it will take a few weeks to really work (and it concerns me that as soon as I was done the doc asked me what pain meds I had at home and then prescribed me something slightly less powerful than morphine. So when I’m high later, you all know why.) Whatever. I’m self medicating with a bag of Reese’s Pieces until the lidocaine wears off and then we’ll see what’s what. Annnyway, today’s post is about a freckle. Not that I’m big on Valentine’s Day posts, but ms Lucy seems to have a lot of little boyfriends in Kindergarten. Only she came home yesterday and told me one of them didn’t like her anymore because she had a freckle on her neck. It’s a cute freckle, by the way. However, her current beau has decided that freckle… Read more

Twist and Shout

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I went to a new back doctor today – this one is an Osteopath.  This was on recommendation of my current pain doc, and while I’m all for trying something new, I still feel like this is a rather long term pattern that I can’t really seem to escape from. Essentially I go to Specialist X – Specialist X says they’ve seen people “just like me” and they’re sure they can fix my problems. And I spend  a shitton of money and time on procedures that may or may not be covered by insurance. Sometimes I get some relief for a bit. Sometimes it’s just an exercise in futility. Sometimes things improve immensely, but then my Jenga spine decides to topple somewhere else…leading to yet another round of treatments that’s often more akin to grabbing at straws. “Well, let’s give you a shot of THIS and see if does anything.”… Read more


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Apologies for yesterday. Things are a hair better, but not by much. However, in an attempt to put a semi-positive spin on the pain factor, I’ll do a quick comparison of it to writing tension. Over the weekend, the pain was awful. Literally, I couldn’t leave my bed for longer than 30 minutes – heating pads, TENS and all that other fun stuff. Monday morning the pain had moved somewhat from the epicenter and the relief was amazing. I was completely mellow for most of the day at work. I still hurt, but the relief was so palpable that my body completely relaxed. (Only to betray me on Tuesday, but I digress.) Anyway, in thinking on it, and because I was in the process of trying to write something smutty, it sort of occurs to me that it’s an awful lot like writing a relationship between characters. You’ve got to… Read more

Dreams and Portents and Pain

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I couldn’t fall asleep last night. Even though I was completely exhausted from staying up the night before to do the edits, I just couldn’t seem to shut down. When I did manage to fall asleep I dreamed I was mixing cement in some sort of giant mixer. I don’t actually know what I was tossing in there, but I just kept pouring and mixing. Apparently my mother was there and she warned me to stop before it was too late, but in the end I ruined it and a man came and took whatever I’d come up and threw it away. Yeah, no inner message *THERE* or anything. Still. I’m trying not to think on the edits much and turn back to writing book 3. Which apparently needs a title. Like now. Also ended up with another round of shots in the spine today. After 20 of the little… Read more