Dreams and Portents and Pain

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I couldn’t fall asleep last night. Even though I was completely exhausted from staying up the night before to do the edits, I just couldn’t seem to shut down. When I did manage to fall asleep I dreamed I was mixing cement in some sort of giant mixer. I don’t actually know what I was tossing in there, but I just kept pouring and mixing. Apparently my mother was there and she warned me to stop before it was too late, but in the end I ruined it and a man came and took whatever I’d come up and threw it away. Yeah, no inner message *THERE* or anything. Still. I’m trying not to think on the edits much and turn back to writing book 3. Which apparently needs a title. Like now. Also ended up with another round of shots in the spine today. After 20 of the little… Read more

Dreams and Portents

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I don’t normally blog twice in one day any more, but I had this absolutely wretched dream last night and it’s been weighing on me all day. I have no idea what it means or if it means anything at all. I’m lousy at interpretation, really. But I’ll write it down here and maybe I’ll stop thinking about it. I’m in the house upstairs. It’s night – the kids are in bed, mr myn is home. Maybe we’re sleeping. I just know it’s dark. And then this terrible noise comes screeching out of the sky and I know it’s an airplane. Not like a jetliner, but one of those little private type planes. But I know something’s wrong and it’s going to crash. A second or two later, it does and we go running to the windows. There’s wreckage everywhere and fire burning all through my yard and in the… Read more

Dreaming of the Tree Man

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Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand, For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand. –W.B. Yeats Connor had a nightmare the other morning – bad enough that he ended up in our bed at some point in the wee hours. (Actually, when I woke up, *both* kids were snuggled in there, but that’s okay.) Now, I still remember some of my dreams from when I was a kid. I had a pretty vivid imagination and a penchant for watching horror movies I shouldn’t have been watching. So, I’d get dreams about zombies and knife-wielding assailants chasing me down through the woods or in my basement, usually waking up just before I got slaughtered.  Although now that I think about it, usually I would escape free and clear and then have to go back into the darkness to find… Read more


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So, I haven’t slept in about 3 days. Or at least, I’ve dozed off here and there, but it’s not what I’d really call *sleep*. Took some painkillers about 2 am this morning, but I still was awake at 4:30. Very mellow, but not asleep. Didn’t really do much for the pain either, so I’m not sure why I took them, except I’m just hoping for a few hours of relief – but it’s hard when every position hurts. I’m thinking I may try the bed in the other bedroom tonight to see if it’s got a better mattress, but we’ll see. On the other hand, how telling is it that when *I* did manage to doze off, my dreams were pretty messed up? At one point I was sitting with an old Gypsy woman and she had my manuscript. She told me she liked it but then gave me… Read more