No Posting Today

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I can’t blog today because I’m in so much god damned pain I can’t focus on anything. Maybe tomorrow.… Read more

Dreams and Portents and Pain

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I couldn’t fall asleep last night. Even though I was completely exhausted from staying up the night before to do the edits, I just couldn’t seem to shut down. When I did manage to fall asleep I dreamed I was mixing cement in some sort of giant mixer. I don’t actually know what I was tossing in there, but I just kept pouring and mixing. Apparently my mother was there and she warned me to stop before it was too late, but in the end I ruined it and a man came and took whatever I’d come up and threw it away. Yeah, no inner message *THERE* or anything. Still. I’m trying not to think on the edits much and turn back to writing book 3. Which apparently needs a title. Like now. Also ended up with another round of shots in the spine today. After 20 of the little… Read more

What Can You Do?

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 Yeah, that’s about where I am today. Stupid back.… Read more