Word Whore Thursday

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This week’s theme over at Word Whores is about how similar our characters are to us (the writers). If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’ll know Abby is very much like me for a number of reasons. It’s a fair cop and not one I’m going to deny, though I hesitate to call her a full-on insert. Otherwise, hooray – I’m all done with my guest posts for my blog tour! I’ve been pretty bad about linking to the more recent ones in the blogs lately, though I do tweet/facebook about them, so maybe tomorrow I’ll try to get an updated list up here. Still plenty of chances to win a copy of SoS, though. Last time I checked there were over 1100 entries!) Got a few more contest entries to wrap up today and then I’ll actually be somewhat caught up. Still working on some website work… Read more

All About a Freckle

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I could talk about my nerve burning procedure today…but I won’t. Though apparently it will take a few weeks to really work (and it concerns me that as soon as I was done the doc asked me what pain meds I had at home and then prescribed me something slightly less powerful than morphine. So when I’m high later, you all know why.) Whatever. I’m self medicating with a bag of Reese’s Pieces until the lidocaine wears off and then we’ll see what’s what. Annnyway, today’s post is about a freckle. Not that I’m big on Valentine’s Day posts, but ms Lucy seems to have a lot of little boyfriends in Kindergarten. Only she came home yesterday and told me one of them didn’t like her anymore because she had a freckle on her neck. It’s a cute freckle, by the way. However, her current beau has decided that freckle… Read more

Expectations and Allowances

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So there’s been a lot of talk going around the interwebs the last few weeks about the interactions between authors and reviewers. We’ve seen several implosions on GoodReads and Amazon (which are nicely summed up over on PW.) I’ll be honest. I’ve been a tad hesitant to even really talk about any of it – I’m not fond of shitstorms, and getting involved in one that has nothing to do with me personally isn’t my goal. I’m also not going to get into the argument of what constitutes a “legitimate” review. Everyone’s definition is going to be different on that. You can go to Amazon to find out what to read, or GoodReads or by word of mouth, or by fortune cookie. I don’t care. And I shouldn’t care. I just ask that they make sense. (And I’ve seen some reviews that clearly weren’t proofread or grammar-checked before being posted. Just as… Read more


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Every once in a while I tend to look at this blog and want to kick it. Mostly because it’s themeless. (I don’t think that’s really a word, is it?) I haven’t tried to make it into a reading blog or a writing blog. Or a gaming blog. Or anything, really. It’s like a potluck blog. (Only you’re stuck with my crappy ham and cheese sandwiches, because that’s probably all I have left in my fridge.) I’d probably get more comments if I attempted something cognitive on a regular basis – though I usually find it rather cathartic to just vomit up whatever I’m thinking spur-of-the-moment. (And yes, I’m also aware I’ve brought this subject up here several times. And really, if it was so damned important to me, I probably should have done something about it by now, right? >_<) And it’s not that there aren’t tons of subjects I’d love… Read more

Christmas Eve Eve

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Not much of a post today, I’m afraid. Too much going on and no time to do it in. Plus now that the draft is done, my brain is leaping forward into the next project (though I keep having to rein it in – there are revisions due there bucko…settle down!) Makes for little sleep. Think I’ve maybe gotten 3 or 4 max the last several nights, mostly because the wheels are spinning and spinning. But I actually sorta welcome it – it’s hard in the mornings, but I do have to admit I’ve really missed that mad *need* to get something down on the page, even if it’s just in short story snippets that won’t go anywhere. Maybe it’s more of a bribe. I feed the muse and in return I’ll get through these revisions in no time, right? (And wouldn’t *that* be a lovely Christmas gift to myself?… Read more