Christmas Eve Eve

Not much of a post today, I’m afraid. Too much going on and no time to do it in.

Plus now that the draft is done, my brain is leaping forward into the next project (though I keep having to rein it in – there are revisions due there bucko…settle down!)

Makes for little sleep. Think I’ve maybe gotten 3 or 4 max the last several nights, mostly because the wheels are spinning and spinning. But I actually sorta welcome it – it’s hard in the mornings, but I do have to admit I’ve really missed that mad *need* to get something down on the page, even if it’s just in short story snippets that won’t go anywhere.

Maybe it’s more of a bribe. I feed the muse and in return I’ll get through these revisions in no time, right? (And wouldn’t *that* be a lovely Christmas gift to myself? No stress revisions. Ha ha. Maybe.)

Anyway, I will probably be taking a few days off from the blog to enjoy the family time, so things may be a little sparse in the next week or so. (Or maybe not. I never really can tell.)

But if you celebrate, whatever you celebrate, have a lovely holiday. 🙂

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