Every once in a while I tend to look at this blog and want to kick it. Mostly because it’s themeless. (I don’t think that’s really a word, is it?) I haven’t tried to make it into a reading blog or a writing blog. Or a gaming blog. Or anything, really.

It’s like a potluck blog.

(Only you’re stuck with my crappy ham and cheese sandwiches, because that’s probably all I have left in my fridge.)

I’d probably get more comments if I attempted something cognitive on a regular basis – though I usually find it rather cathartic to just vomit up whatever I’m thinking spur-of-the-moment. (And yes, I’m also aware I’ve brought this subject up here several times. And really, if it was so damned important to me, I probably should have done something about it by now, right? >_<)

And it’s not that there aren’t tons of subjects I’d love to wax poetic on. There are many, but regardless of what my fiction writing abilities may be, I don’t think I’ve got much eloquence in the ways of debate. I’ve started several pieces that I’ve never posted because I was so exhausted of the issue by the end of it and I just couldn’t be bothered. They’re sitting in my drafts somewhere, waiting.

Forever alone.

I mean, sure, I can rant well enough. But that’s not really the same thing.

There are plenty of other blogs out there that state my arguments and general lines of thought better than I can do myself. I suppose there’s a bit of apathy on my end, but I’m also not a fan of rehashing what’s already been said.

So, yeah.

As you were.

Man candy and cats, ahoy!

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