All About a Freckle

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I could talk about my nerve burning procedure today…but I won’t. Though apparently it will take a few weeks to really work (and it concerns me that as soon as I was done the doc asked me what pain meds I had at home and then prescribed me something slightly less powerful than morphine. So when I’m high later, you all know why.) Whatever. I’m self medicating with a bag of Reese’s Pieces until the lidocaine wears off and then we’ll see what’s what. Annnyway, today’s post is about a freckle. Not that I’m big on Valentine’s Day posts, but ms Lucy seems to have a lot of little boyfriends in Kindergarten. Only she came home yesterday and told me one of them didn’t like her anymore because she had a freckle on her neck. It’s a cute freckle, by the way. However, her current beau has decided that freckle… Read more