All About a Freckle

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I could talk about my nerve burning procedure today…but I won’t. Though apparently it will take a few weeks to really work (and it concerns me that as soon as I was done the doc asked me what pain meds I had at home and then prescribed me something slightly less powerful than morphine. So when I’m high later, you all know why.) Whatever. I’m self medicating with a bag of Reese’s Pieces until the lidocaine wears off and then we’ll see what’s what. Annnyway, today’s post is about a freckle. Not that I’m big on Valentine’s Day posts, but ms Lucy seems to have a lot of little boyfriends in Kindergarten. Only she came home yesterday and told me one of them didn’t like her anymore because she had a freckle on her neck. It’s a cute freckle, by the way. However, her current beau has decided that freckle… Read more

I For One Welcome our Hello Kitty Overlords…

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I just had to share this awesome Hello Cthulhu cake…because it is AWESOME. That and to express a little amazement at my son, who dropped $30 on books at his school book fair. Not that I ever mind my kids buying books – I would take that a hundred-fold over video games or crappy toys. I’m just surprised because he’s eight and that’s a lot of cash for someone that young. (Saved up from his birthday over the summer.) Definitely a trend I intent to keep on encouraging, anyway. Also, I’m over at Word-Whores today, talking a little bit about vampires and werewolves.… Read more

You Give Me Fever

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So as of tomorrow, Connor will have been running a temp for well over three days. The Ibuprofen seems to damp it down temporarily, but as soon as it wears off, his temp soars back up to about 103 F. If things don’t look any different by tomorrow I’ll be taking him back to the doc’s, ’cause clearly *something* is off. Hell, the only reason I took him on Monday to begin with was because I was freaked out that it might be meningitis, since he’s been complaining about his neck. His temp wasn’t that high on Sunday, but I figured I’d take him in anyway. And then of course, I felt like the world’s biggest ass since during the doctor’s conversation with him, it came to light that while out with mr myn on Saturday, Connor had played inside one of those giant inflatable balls and whacked his neck on… Read more

Lego Land

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Connor turned 7 yesterday. Not that that’s an excuse for not blogging. (I reserve the right to NOT blog when my Outline is due in two days. Which doesn’t really explain why I’m doing it now, except I really like blogging.) Okay, back to the point, which was Connor’s birthday. We had his actual party on Saturday, but the end result of said party was lots of Lego Star Wars stuff. And not just the little kits, either. Which meant that most of my day on Sunday was putting them together. (And playing Lego Star Wars/Lego Harry Potter on the XBox. Did I say Outline? Bah. I’ve got Storm Trooper arms to pull off.) To be honest, for all my grousing about it, I actually really enjoy putting them together. My brother always had a ton of legos when we were growing up and I used to play with them… Read more

Rebel Without A Clue

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Jeffe picked out this picture for me yesterday, after I lamented to her about Connor’s latest 1st grade trials and tribulations. It turns out Connor appears to have a bit of an issue with authority. Not in a particularly evil way – I don’t suspect he’s got a plot for world domination just yet. Just that he apparently doesn’t feel the need to pay much attention to the rules. I’m of two minds on this. On one hand, if he’s distracting the other kids from getting their work done for whatever reason, then yes, his ass needs to be handed to him – and it has been, several times. On the other, he got written up last week for jumping down the stairs in the hallway instead of walking. And again yesterday for making a siren sound in the lunchroom.  And for destroying school property – for putting a pencil… Read more