I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, Apparently.

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I started trying to keep track of my sleeping hours a month or so ago, so I can say officially that I haven’t gotten more than 3 to 5 hours a night for about that month. And whatever sleep I *am* getting isn’t doing me much good. Even when I go to bed early, no caffeine, etc – it doesn’t seem to matter. Brain won’t shut off or something. I don’t know. I’ve tried napping with little success. It just seems like I’ve always got one ear open and listening for something, but I don’t know what that is. I do feel a bit like a zombie, which isn’t exactly conducive to all the stuff about to come down the pipeline. I owe people things. Blurbs, posts, interviews, etc. I’m working on them. I promise, but the last few nights I’ve come home from work and it’s like I’ve slammed… Read more

Small Bites

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Such as they are. I had a fairly busy weekend. None of it had anything to do with writing, which was a first for me in quite a while. (And let’s just say part of the weekend was spent partying like a rock star. With rock stars. And leave it at that, eh?) But, I’m clearly getting old because staying out as late as I did caught up to me in spades the next few days – although it’s more than that too. I’m still having tremendous difficulty falling asleep – my head is just too jazzed up with ideas, but the downside is that I’m often too tired to implement them. It’s becoming a bit of a circle pattern that I don’t like, because no matter how early I go to bed – I still wake up feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton. Today, for example –… Read more


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A Sliver of Shadow edits are done. (Until copy-edits, anyway) *faceplants*… Read more

I Can Has No Sleep

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Yeah. I’ve been a very bad blogger this week. Mea culpa. I’ve also had like no sleep and my eating schedule is completely gorked up. I’m not even going to start with what the hell has happened with my back the last few days. *ahem* I did want to shout out that my fellow Word Whore Marcella Burnard won a RT Reviewers Choice award yesterday, so massive kudos to that. However, I did want to give a shoutout to my old childhood friend who picked me up from the hotel yesterday and got me into the back stage lot of Paramount for a while. Very cool. I’ll blog more about him next week. Also, thanks to all my Leaguers for showing me the ropes and making me laugh my ass off. 🙂  I’ve got the vampire ball tonight and the book signing tomorrow and then after that? I have no… Read more

You Give Me Fever

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So as of tomorrow, Connor will have been running a temp for well over three days. The Ibuprofen seems to damp it down temporarily, but as soon as it wears off, his temp soars back up to about 103 F. If things don’t look any different by tomorrow I’ll be taking him back to the doc’s, ’cause clearly *something* is off. Hell, the only reason I took him on Monday to begin with was because I was freaked out that it might be meningitis, since he’s been complaining about his neck. His temp wasn’t that high on Sunday, but I figured I’d take him in anyway. And then of course, I felt like the world’s biggest ass since during the doctor’s conversation with him, it came to light that while out with mr myn on Saturday, Connor had played inside one of those giant inflatable balls and whacked his neck on… Read more