You Give Me Fever

So as of tomorrow, Connor will have been running a temp for well over three days. The Ibuprofen seems to damp it down temporarily, but as soon as it wears off, his temp soars back up to about 103 F.

If things don’t look any different by tomorrow I’ll be taking him back to the doc’s, ’cause clearly *something* is off.

Hell, the only reason I took him on Monday to begin with was because I was freaked out that it might be meningitis, since he’s been complaining about his neck. His temp wasn’t that high on Sunday, but I figured I’d take him in anyway. And then of course, I felt like the world’s biggest ass since during the doctor’s conversation with him, it came to light that while out with mr myn on Saturday, Connor had played inside one of those giant inflatable balls and whacked his neck on the handle.


Guess I should have asked that first, eh?

 I’m assuming tonight isn’t going to be much better than last night, since he was so uncomfortable that he crawled into bed with me and kept me up for hours with his tossing and turning.

Poor kid.

Unfortunately I had to drag him to my prolotherapy appointment this morning, but they were kind enough to NOT allow him to actually watch it and put him in a separate room. (And champion of the digital that I am, I gave him my iPhone and let him play Plants vs Zombies on it.)


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