One Of These Things is Not Like the Others

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When I went to Disney World for RWA this year, I picked up a few little gifts for the kids. Among them was a set of little princess dolls for Lucy. She hates them. I don’t know why, but they’ve remained in my suitcase for nearly two months now. Untouched. Unloved. So I took them out this weekend and gave them a quick once over. And you can see they’re all sorta rosy and vacant looking. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel. And then there’s Belle. Poor Belle. Belle looks…sallow, compared to the others. Wan and pale. The outcast. Is it because she’s French? The solo brunette in the bunch? The one princess who wasn’t bespelled in some fashion? It took me a while, but then I figured it out. Clearly, Belle is some sort of undead doll. I’d say zombie…but she’s French. So, I think by all the tropes that exist,… Read more

Lego Land

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Connor turned 7 yesterday. Not that that’s an excuse for not blogging. (I reserve the right to NOT blog when my Outline is due in two days. Which doesn’t really explain why I’m doing it now, except I really like blogging.) Okay, back to the point, which was Connor’s birthday. We had his actual party on Saturday, but the end result of said party was lots of Lego Star Wars stuff. And not just the little kits, either. Which meant that most of my day on Sunday was putting them together. (And playing Lego Star Wars/Lego Harry Potter on the XBox. Did I say Outline? Bah. I’ve got Storm Trooper arms to pull off.) To be honest, for all my grousing about it, I actually really enjoy putting them together. My brother always had a ton of legos when we were growing up and I used to play with them… Read more

Stranger Than Fiction

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You know, my inner bullshit meter went off a bit when I read this article online a few days ago. Maybe it’s the way it was mentioned that the girl had been kicked out of her parents’ house after “falling” pregnant. Really? How does one “fall” pregnant? And for that matter, where’s the guy that “tripped” her? Anyway, that’s just me being snarky. If it is actually true, then the story is pretty cool. (I hope you’re taking notes, Nicholas Sparks.) The very concept of a young man going to a bridge to kill himself because his fiancée died in an accident the day before their wedding, only to find a young woman attempting to kill *herself* for being kicked out of the house seems to be one of those “clearly they were made for each other” types of things – and one probably destined to show up at the Sundance film festival,… Read more

Happy Mother’s Day…for Vampire Slayers?

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I’ll admit that when mr myn showed me the hair brush dagger online a few weeks ago, I said it was kind of cool. You know, in that  – yeah that’s nifty, but what would I do with it voice? Well, sly and crafty man that he is, he bought one for me. And I’ll admit, it really is pretty cool from a self-defense view point. It doesn’t stand out as a weapon. Even though it’s not actually bladed with a cutting edge, I could easily imagine oh…slamming it up the chin of an assailant and into their soft palate. Or an eye. Or in the ear. Or neck. It’s very pointy, is what I’m getting at. It’s made of carbon, so there’s no metal of any kind on it. From a writer’s point of view, the first thing I thought of was – hey, someone could get by security with this!… Read more

Creative Writer Blog Award

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Thanks to Nicole for giving me this latest blog award. 🙂 I know I need to send this out to others, but seeing as I’m rather strapped for time just now (and really? all I want to do is faceplant into a pillow), that will have to wait for a little bit. In the meantime, does anyone know how to stretch a weekend into five or six days? Please?… Read more