Stranger Than Fiction

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You know, my inner bullshit meter went off a bit when I read this article online a few days ago. Maybe it’s the way it was mentioned that the girl had been kicked out of her parents’ house after “falling” pregnant. Really? How does one “fall” pregnant? And for that matter, where’s the guy that “tripped” her? Anyway, that’s just me being snarky. If it is actually true, then the story is pretty cool. (I hope you’re taking notes, Nicholas Sparks.) The very concept of a young man going to a bridge to kill himself because his fiancĂ©e died in an accident the day before their wedding, only to find a young woman attempting to kill *herself* for being kicked out of the house seems to be one of those “clearly they were made for each other” types of things – and one probably destined to show up at the Sundance film festival,… Read more