Entirely Too Much Time on Their Hands…

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I think I just had a nerdgasm. Yes – these guys actually built The Last March of the Ents. With LEGOS.  Epic Isengard is epic.… Read more

Lego Land

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Connor turned 7 yesterday. Not that that’s an excuse for not blogging. (I reserve the right to NOT blog when my Outline is due in two days. Which doesn’t really explain why I’m doing it now, except I really like blogging.) Okay, back to the point, which was Connor’s birthday. We had his actual party on Saturday, but the end result of said party was lots of Lego Star Wars stuff. And not just the little kits, either. Which meant that most of my day on Sunday was putting them together. (And playing Lego Star Wars/Lego Harry Potter on the XBox. Did I say Outline? Bah. I’ve got Storm Trooper arms to pull off.) To be honest, for all my grousing about it, I actually really enjoy putting them together. My brother always had a ton of legos when we were growing up and I used to play with them… Read more