I Can Has No Sleep

Yeah. I’ve been a very bad blogger this week. Mea culpa. I’ve also had like no sleep and my eating schedule is completely gorked up. I’m not even going to start with what the hell has happened with my back the last few days. *ahem* I did want to shout out that my fellow Word Whore Marcella Burnard won a RT Reviewers Choice award yesterday, so massive kudos to that.

However, I did want to give a shoutout to my old childhood friend who picked me up from the hotel yesterday and got me into the back stage lot of Paramount for a while. Very cool. I’ll blog more about him next week.

Also, thanks to all my Leaguers for showing me the ropes and making me laugh my ass off. 🙂

 I’ve got the vampire ball tonight and the book signing tomorrow and then after that? I have no idea, but I suspect it will involve getting out and seeing more of the sights in L.A.. (And then all day traveling in Sunday.)

And now I’m off to oversee the Club RT giveaway of our Word Whore gift basket and to go cheer on Jeffe at her ebook signing. 🙂

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