Innocence Lost

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Mr Myn was kind enough to let me know that Connor might have questions about the holocaust tonight. Or more specifically about the fact that 1.5 million children were murdered in concentration camps during World War II. That’s a pretty heavy topic for a nearly 7 year old to ask about on a Friday morning, but to put it into context, mr myn was on a site about Irena Sendler. Connor had questions. Mr myn gave him the 25 word explanation about what she did and why she was a hero of epic proportions. I wasn’t there, but I am girding my mental loins for tonight, because I suspect Connor will want to talk about it. Depending on how that goes, I may let him watch The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which is utterly beyond heartbreaking, but I’m not one for sugar-coating history. I don’t want to scar him… Read more

The Sweetness of Surprise

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Connor decided to be creative last week. During class, he was supposed to have been working in one of his notebooks, writing about any particular subject. (I think he was allowed to choose his own.) In his case, he wrote all about what the next Star Wars movie would be, since he’s apparently going to write and direct it when he grows up. Which is all very well and good, except that he then proceeded to fill up the remaining pages with drawings of epic Jedi battles. The teacher was not pleased. We were asked to replace the notebook – a task that completely managed to slip my mind over the weekend. So today, I ran out to the local Safeway to see if they had anything in their overpriced office supply aisle. Only the Safeway wasn’t there anymore. Didn’t even realize it until I walked in and discovered that… Read more

Great Wolf Lodge WTFkery…and Happy Mother’s Day!

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We took a little family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. Technically we’re still here, in fact, but I’ve pulled Mother’s Day rank this morning and am vigorously guarding our things at table. And blogging. Not that I didn’t have fun yesterday, but I went down a few too many water slides and the back is letting me know I may have overdone it a bit. Plus, I’m dry and nicely showered and we’ve had to check out, so I’m not really wanting to get back in the water. At any rate, we drove down to Richmond on Friday night to hang with my brother and his family (and they came with us to the Lodge – we shared one of those mega-suites that sleeps 8 to save a few bucks.) Saturday morning mr myn took us to Williamsburg for a bit – and showed us his old stomping… Read more

Spiderman Diarrhea and Other Things I Wish I Hadn’t Heard…

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I took today off from work, simply because I needed a bit of a mental health day. I’ve got a very full plate these days, and part of that was compounded by the fact that I had to watch my younger cousin all weekend. (And Lucy was up half the night last night, and a crazy ass windstorm kept us up for the other half. Lots of waking up and wondering if the remainder of our gazebo had just blown off the deck.) Babysitting should have been fine because both my kids adore her, but with an odd-number of children and varying ages (3, 6 and 11) there was a lot of 3rd wheel action going on. As a result I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked – lots of interruptions every five minutes about how who wouldn’t play with who, wailing about why so-and-so… Read more

Ah…The Power of Cheese.

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Connor wrote a story today, the wonders of which I will share with you now. (I have cleaned up the spelling.) I like cheese. Cheese is good for you. You can rip in half cheese.Cheese is walking to his home. In Cheese World everything is made of cheese. Cheese has a girlfriend. His girlfriend wants to marry him. The end of Cheese World. Uncanny observation of relationships? Or merely delight in curdled dairy goodness?… Read more