Great Wolf Lodge WTFkery…and Happy Mother’s Day!

We took a little family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. Technically we’re still here, in fact, but I’ve pulled Mother’s Day rank this morning and am vigorously guarding our things at table. And blogging. Not that I didn’t have fun yesterday, but I went down a few too many water slides and the back is letting me know I may have overdone it a bit. Plus, I’m dry and nicely showered and we’ve had to check out, so I’m not really wanting to get back in the water.

At any rate, we drove down to Richmond on Friday night to hang with my brother and his family (and they came with us to the Lodge – we shared one of those mega-suites that sleeps 8 to save a few bucks.) Saturday morning mr myn took us to Williamsburg for a bit – and showed us his old stomping grounds over at William & Mary. (Including the house he rented a room at – at the time it was owned by Glenn Close’s aunt. Whee, fame!)

And then we hit the water park and its assorted amusements. I’m not going to go into all the specifics here – it’s an indoor water park and therefore open all year round. The concept is very cool, but the execution leaves a bit to be desired, at least from a grown-up’s perspective. The kids, on the other hand, are having a blast, and that’s really the reason we’re here, so I’m not going to complain too much. Don’t think we’ll be coming back either, but we’ve made some nice memories in the meantime.

I have Super-Stars, apparently. LOL.

Connor has borrowed my sunglasses there, but surprisingly they looked pretty good on him. With the shaggy hair he’s got a definite Lennon vibe going on.

And as I went to put our suitcases in the car this morning, I found *this* little bit of class from a driver in Oklahoma.

Yeah, I’m not sure what sort of statement this makes. She’s wearing a bikini made of electrical tape and she’s nicely tied with zip ties.

Do they just hate Barbie? Or is there a deeper message here? My mind is just rocking with the implications.

And Happy Mother’s Day also.

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