Awesomesauce…I am Made of It.

Well, maybe a little anyway. My editor loves my revisions- at least the first 16 chapters’ worth, so I’m definitely feeling a massive wave of relief here. We’re coming down to the deadline at the end of next week – hopefully I can continue to crank it out like I need to.

My only concern now is that I’ve added a fair amount of action scenes, but I don’t want them to start being too repetitive – i.e. there’s a threat, characters confront the threat, characters defeat the threat, rest period, threat number 2 (which is maybe too much like threat number 1?) Rinse and repeat == boring and predictable?

It’s a bit of a concern, but I think I’ll have to wait until it’s all really put together before I’ll be able to tell if it’s really an issue or just me being entirely too nit-picky.

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