Midnight WTFkery

Yeah. It’s a bra. With nipples. You know. In case you want to poke someone’s eye out.

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5 Responses to Midnight WTFkery

  1. KathTea says:

    If you are wearing a bra, you shouldn't be revealing your nips. The fact that they are fake makes it even more skanky. *ow my eye*

  2. KAK says:

    Headlights come in handy when you're lost on a long dark and winding road …

  3. Jeffe says:

    Geez – half the time I wear a bras only so I won't have the tacky pointy nips!

  4. LynnM says:

    If it's cold outside, do you have 4 nipples showing?

  5. Dovelily says:

    Uh, I think I'd hang on to my $2150 instead.

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