Back from Vacation

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Because it just wouldn’t be vacation without picking up a Hello Kitty basket knockoff from the Bahamas. Freeport to be exact. 🙂 Anyway, I’m a little tired at the moment, so I’m not going to recap much here, but I’m back. I’m doing a mountain of laundry. I refuse to get on the scale. (OMG, the food. THE FOOD. The amount of bacon I ate at breakfast every morning should probably be considered a crime against pigmanity.) Of course the downside to that is how big my backside got, but I’ll get back on the diet wagon after RWA this week. (’cause really what’s the point?) Anyway – a few minor observations: 1)Grand Turk is full of donkeys. More on that later this week. 2) Renting a car and learning how to drive on the other side of the road in the middle of the pouring rain? So much more… Read more

Mini NYC ReCap

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So obviously I got to hang out in NYC for the weekend (partially for my 10 year anniversary with mr myn – yay – and partially for writing stuff.) So…here’s a mini recap of what we did. 1) Bolt Bus from Philly to NY – only $11 a person and 2 hours…very hard to beat. Bus had Wi-Fi and I was easily able to finish up the last of my first-pass-pages, so excellent resource. 2) Library Hotel – cute little boutique hotel, not too far away from Times Square. Had a tiny rooftop bar on the 14th floor along with a greenhouse and a reading room. Which is where we hung out for a bit after we checked in. (Along with a very taste cheese and fruit plate and wine.) 3) Basso56 – Killer hole-in-the-wall Italian food for dinner. Not cheap but not super expensive, and a lot of bang… Read more

Cheeseburger in Paradise

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The Northern Star is very bright tonight. You’ll notice I don’t have a picture of it – mostly because my camera truly blows at taking shots in the dark. (And maybe I was too lazy to try.) At any rate, I have purloined my neighbor’s wireless connection (with their blessing), so I’ll actually be able to keep up with my daily blogs – at least for as long as I feel like. Yes, that is a picture of a cheeseburger cake. It was full of win. And more to the point, it was my humble offering to Simon and his family when we stopped by yesterday for a lovely BBQ dinner. And there’s not much to say about that except our kids all got along great, his wife is awesome and it was really nice to just hang out for a few hours on our long slog to the beach.… Read more

Great Wolf Lodge WTFkery…and Happy Mother’s Day!

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We took a little family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. Technically we’re still here, in fact, but I’ve pulled Mother’s Day rank this morning and am vigorously guarding our things at table. And blogging. Not that I didn’t have fun yesterday, but I went down a few too many water slides and the back is letting me know I may have overdone it a bit. Plus, I’m dry and nicely showered and we’ve had to check out, so I’m not really wanting to get back in the water. At any rate, we drove down to Richmond on Friday night to hang with my brother and his family (and they came with us to the Lodge – we shared one of those mega-suites that sleeps 8 to save a few bucks.) Saturday morning mr myn took us to Williamsburg for a bit – and showed us his old stomping… Read more

Sleigh Rides Are OverRated

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I will preface this blog by saying that I don’t photograph well. I spent most of my childhood trying to avoid the camera, so if you should see a picture of me and you go blind, don’t say you haven’t been warned. Anyway, as part of our vacation to Vermont, we took the kids to Billings Farm. It’s one of those historic and quaint sorts of farm houses with a working dairy and all that. And from a learning perspective it was pretty cool. I took a lot of photos of the house and wrote down notes as to how things were set up as far as the kitchen and the pantry and the cellar dairy were set up. I’m pretty sure at some point I’m going to need to describe those sorts of rooms in my writing so it will be nice to have the reference. Part of the… Read more