Ah…The Power of Cheese.

Connor wrote a story today, the wonders of which I will share with you now. (I have cleaned up the spelling.)

I like cheese. Cheese is good for you. You can rip in half cheese.

Cheese is walking to his home. In Cheese World everything is made of cheese. Cheese has a girlfriend. His girlfriend wants to marry him. 

The end of Cheese World.

Uncanny observation of relationships? Or merely delight in curdled dairy goodness?

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2 Responses to Ah…The Power of Cheese.

  1. Dovelily says:

    LOL! How cute! Young Connor may indeed have some uncanny insight into relationships, but he's too young to be so cynical just yet. Let's go with "delight in dairy goodness."

  2. bluey says:

    True, a girlfriend who wants to marry you is usually the end of the world for most guys. 😉 I'm pretty sure that I'd go on holiday to Cheese World.

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