Putting on My Patience Pants

It’s funny, but when I started this blog last year (think it was in February), I didn’t really think too much about what I was going to write about. Or even how frequently I was going to write. Or that anyone would really read it, honestly.

As it stands now, I try to blog every day. I’ve got a certain number of loyal followers who check it every day, or every couple of days, at least. I have people who leave comments. It’s sort of mind-boggling (and cool, too). Not entirely sure why.

I mean, sure – I’m working towards that goal of getting pubbed, so it would make sense that I’d get visitors who are also working towards that. After all, writing n00bs are n00bs for a reason, and there’s a certain safety in numbers. And a healthy sort of cynicism, too. If nothing else, we can learn from each other’s mistakes and successes.

My own faults lie somewhere in the realm of having a severe case of diarrhea of the mouth at times. And it’s hard not to. When good things are happening, you want to share them with the world, right? (At least to a point. It’s not cool to rub it in people’s faces.) The main problem is with jumping the gun and making an announcement before its time. I’ve done at at times and regretted it and been forced to eat a little crow afterwards. Thus far, I’ve been lucky enough not to burn any bridges, but it’s a fine line to walk.

In theory, that ought to at least teach me patience, and it has, to a point. So if it seems I’m being a bit closemouthed as to what’s going on with the book, it’s not because I don’t want to share. I do.

But I can’t.

In part, it’s because a superstitious part of me doesn’t want to jinx anything, but mainly because I’m not particularly fond of the taste of corvid. Also it’s hard for me to just share a “little bit”, so I’d rather wait until it’s all free and clear. (You know. Signed, sealed and delivered and all that.) The publishing world, I’ve discovered, moves at its own pace. Nothing left to do but hurry up and wait, as they say.

So this is me, putting on Bigby’s Pants of Patience +3.  And waiting.

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