I For One Welcome our Hello Kitty Overlords…

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I just had to share this awesome Hello Cthulhu cake…because it is AWESOME. That and to express a little amazement at my son, who dropped $30 on books at his school book fair. Not that I ever mind my kids buying books – I would take that a hundred-fold over video games or crappy toys. I’m just surprised because he’s eight and that’s a lot of cash for someone that young. (Saved up from his birthday over the summer.) Definitely a trend I intent to keep on encouraging, anyway. Also, I’m over at Word-Whores today, talking a little bit about vampires and werewolves.… Read more

Hello Kitty MailBag!

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A couple of fans sent me Hello Kitty pink lemonade! Thank you!… Read more

Hello Kitty Ramen

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I’m completely feeling non-bloggy today, so here’s a picture of some awesome Hello Kitty Ramen. (More pictures here). Thanks to @heezachan for pointing this out to me. Now I just gotta find someone in Japan or Hong Kong who can send me some! Otherwise I should probably be packing for tomorrow. I’m still totally not sure what I’m gonna do for costume stuff on Friday night. I like my elf ears and all but I’m not sure I want to deal with all the fuss of the gown this time. Decisions, decisions…… Read more

Hello Kitty MailBag!

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You know what’s awesome? Getting Hello Kitty mail. A lot of Hello Kitty mail. Twice this week, in fact. Thanks to my German gal-pal Moni for the pen and pencil (and I’ll be bringing the pen for the book signing this week). And crazy-awesomesauce thanks to Marsha for all the fabulous nail polish and accessories! Lucy has been begging to use the hot pink, so I suspect I’ll be making her toes all pretty tomorrow. I’ve got an appointment at the spa anyway, so I may just have to borrow those Hello Kitty flipflops for the occasion. 😉… Read more

Gifts of Awesomesauce

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There is very little out there as awesome as flannel Hello Kitty pajamas. (These were a lovely gift from fellow word-whore, Kristine Krantz, last week when she came for a visit. There are pants to go with them, but Lucy appears to have absconded with them into parts unknown.) Kristine, btw? Totally awesome person. 🙂 On the other hand? Danielle Poiesz also sent me a little something, and truthfully, I’m not sure even HK Pjs can stand up to this –> Yes. That is a winged unicorn mug. Yes, the unicorn is crapping out cupcakes. I will be the most awesomesauce author EVAH whilst I sit and write on my weekends, surrounded in Hello Kitty warmth and sipping tea from my cupcake crapping unicorn mug. I’m not sure it gets much better than that. Also, congrats to Rachel  Firask for winning a signed copy of Brush of Darkness yesterday!… Read more