Feels Like Monday Morning

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It’s a bit early for me to be blogging, but it’s Monday and I’m cranky for some reason. Better out than in, right? Nothing I can put my finger on, really. I’ve had an inner agitation for days, but I don’t know why. Like another shoe is going to drop somewhere, though I have no frame of reference for it. I’m really hoping it’s nothing at all. (And it probably is nothing – two more days from now I’ll get distracted and forget I ever felt like this.) I’ve been trying to channel some of this through writing some shorts – did a few last week, though a number of them won’t see the light of day. Just little personal scenes to help me work through some stuff as well as some brainstorming. (And one very short little smutty fanfic that I released into the wilds. Just because.)So maybe it’s… Read more

Monday Musings…

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So during the Literacy Signing at RWA a few weeks ago, I had a lovely fan (hi, Sarah!) show up for a signed copy of my book. She told me she read my blog every day. My first reaction was that I wanted to hug her and tell her I was sorry.  (I didn’t do this.) My second reaction was to blink stupidly and smile. “Awesome!” (This is the reaction I went for. Probably better and less likely to get me a lawsuit.) But honestly it was an odd mix of flattery (“holy crap! someone reads my shit!”) to panic (“holy crap! someone reads my shit!”) Blogs are strange beasts – like online diaries that anyone can read. (And really, what’s the point, otherwise?) There’s something very freeing about it. Even though intrinsically I know other people can and do read it, it still surprises me when someone emails me and says… Read more

Restless Writing

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You know, there are days when I feel a lot like that cat. Or my muse does, maybe. And the lamb is that damn nugget of an idea that won’t leave me alone. “Write me down!” *thump* (I’m not sure where the ear licking comes in.) Not that it doesn’t look horribly cute, but persistent cuteness can probably be annoying. I spent several hours brainstorming my revisions yesterday. Trying to make sense of whatever it is that I need to do to make the story more coherent. Took copious amounts of notes. It did help – I’ve got a much better idea of how things will work as a whole. And really, there’s a part of me that thinks it shouldn’t be this hard. It’s a strange thing –  I want to get my ideas down, and I want to write a good book, but some days I just want… Read more


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I’ve forgotten what it’s like to just sort of decompress sometimes. On an unexpected moment today, mr myn got up from sleeping a little early (yay, all night shifts) and suggested we do a little hiking. Due to time constraints we couldn’t do a massive amount, but I think we’ve found a nice new spot to do some family walking. I suspect in the spring it will be lovely. (Although I have to admit, sometimes it’s really nice doing the winter/fall walks like this because it’s so…quiet. Not very many people. Not too many animals. I rather like the insulated solitude of it all, even if it’s really a bit of a self-imposed illusion.) I will also point out that the Sketchers work out shoes that I have? Not that great for the woods. Alas. These woods were nice because it’s definitely an older forest. There’s very little underbrush, so there… Read more