Feels Like Monday Morning

It’s a bit early for me to be blogging, but it’s Monday and I’m cranky for some reason. Better out than in, right?

Nothing I can put my finger on, really. I’ve had an inner agitation for days, but I don’t know why. Like another shoe is going to drop somewhere, though I have no frame of reference for it. I’m really hoping it’s nothing at all. (And it probably is nothing – two more days from now I’ll get distracted and forget I ever felt like this.)

I’ve been trying to channel some of this through writing some shorts – did a few last week, though a number of them won’t see the light of day. Just little personal scenes to help me work through some stuff as well as some brainstorming. (And one very short little smutty fanfic that I released into the wilds. Just because.)So maybe it’s creation agitation – less about external forces and more about labor pains, so to speak.

Seems like an odd thing to compare it to – but not sure I’m really going to get any rest until I manage to work it out.

The next few months are going to be pretty busy on the writing front. I’ll have copy edits coming soon for A Sliver of Shadows and the draft for BoD 3 is due sometime in November (in theory, ha ha). Also, it looks like the anthology potential for the Melanie’s story is a go (more details about that as I get them), which means that will be due at the end of the year as well.  (Getting some musical research done on that now – hard when I don’t actually play the instrument in question – I don’t want to screw up the details on it, since it’s such an important part.)

So…yeah. Lame blog post. Good to talk it out, though.


Back to work.

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