Monday Musings…

So during the Literacy Signing at RWA a few weeks ago, I had a lovely fan (hi, Sarah!) show up for a signed copy of my book. She told me she read my blog every day.

My first reaction was that I wanted to hug her and tell her I was sorry.  (I didn’t do this.)

My second reaction was to blink stupidly and smile. “Awesome!” (This is the reaction I went for. Probably better and less likely to get me a lawsuit.) But honestly it was an odd mix of flattery (“holy crap! someone reads my shit!”) to panic (“holy crap! someone reads my shit!”)

Blogs are strange beasts – like online diaries that anyone can read. (And really, what’s the point, otherwise?) There’s something very freeing about it. Even though intrinsically I know other people can and do read it, it still surprises me when someone emails me and says – “Hey, I saw on your blog that your toenail is ingrown. Hope it feels better!”

As blogs go, this one certainly isn’t very introspective. It’s weird. I complain a lot. I post bizarre pictures of things. Sometimes I surprise myself and actually manage to write something that isn’t overly dramatic and has some sort of poetic meaning. (See my Word Whores posts if you need examples of me as drama llama. *cough*Oh, the agony!)

BTW, for delightful and essay quality blog posts – you should go check out Jeffe’s blog. Unlike my posts, hers are thought provoking and have a point.

I’ll admit I don’t talk about the harder subjects here – I leave politics and religion alone, mostly because I get so tired and sad of all the crap going on in the world today. Blogging is a bit of an escape, even if there’s no direct point to it.

So, for those of you who do read it, thanks! 🙂  I’d stick with some sort of weekly theme if I could, but I sorta thrive on random chaos.

Beside, then I couldn’t post the awesome bit of WTFkery here that I found today (courtesy of Katiebabs). Sears sells BDSM outfits, yo. Now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.

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