Dust Fairies

Forget for a moment that I apparently never dust my bed frame.

(These pictures look worse than it really is because of the lighting, I swear it. I know I’m lazy and all, but I’ve been away for a few weeks and the wood on these slats  attracts dust like nothing I’ve ever seen. Okay, excuses over.)

Anyway, take a close look, if you dare, and perhaps you’ll see what look like tiny foot prints.

You’ll notice that some actually trail off further down the bed…

And some go down…

My first thought was “Holy shit, I have a mouse or a rat or a small possum or something not only running around my house, but on my BED.” And believe me, that’s just an awful feeling. I mean – sleep aside, how could I NOT notice a rodent creeping around my sheets?

(Those of you who have actually seen the state of my house are welcome to keep your mouths shut, btw. I know I’m a slob. I’m sorry.)

After a momentary freak out, my mind decided that what I really had was an infestation of little bird-footed fairies who had decided to have a hoe-down in the dust.

The truth?

It was harpies.

One harpy, to be exact.

One small plastic harpy.

From a tube of plastic mythological creatures.

That Connor decided to take for a walk in the dust on my bedframe.

The truth hurts, but it’s better than vermin.

On a good note? The bed is dusted now.

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