Restless Writing

You know, there are days when I feel a lot like that cat. Or my muse does, maybe. And the lamb is that damn nugget of an idea that won’t leave me alone.

“Write me down!” *thump*

(I’m not sure where the ear licking comes in.)

Not that it doesn’t look horribly cute, but persistent cuteness can probably be annoying. I spent several hours brainstorming my revisions yesterday. Trying to make sense of whatever it is that I need to do to make the story more coherent. Took copious amounts of notes. It did help – I’ve got a much better idea of how things will work as a whole. And really, there’s a part of me that thinks it shouldn’t be this hard. It’s a strange thing –  I want to get my ideas down, and I want to write a good book, but some days I just want to give up and play Warcraft instead.

But then that niggling little nugget of muse guilt starts head butting me. “Wriiittteeee mmmmmeeee downnnnn….”


Some days I think it might be easier if I actually *had* a lamb.

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