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I’ve forgotten what it’s like to just sort of decompress sometimes. On an unexpected moment today, mr myn got up from sleeping a little early (yay, all night shifts) and suggested we do a little hiking. Due to time constraints we couldn’t do a massive amount, but I think we’ve found a nice new spot to do some family walking. I suspect in the spring it will be lovely. (Although I have to admit, sometimes it’s really nice doing the winter/fall walks like this because it’s so…quiet. Not very many people. Not too many animals. I rather like the insulated solitude of it all, even if it’s really a bit of a self-imposed illusion.) I will also point out that the Sketchers work out shoes that I have? Not that great for the woods. Alas. These woods were nice because it’s definitely an older forest. There’s very little underbrush, so there… Read more