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So what are these exactly? And more importantly, where the hell would you wear them? Sort of like Bayonetta. If she had hooves, maybe. In a zombie cow sort of way. You know…there’s a story here. Something tells me these would be an awesome subject for part of a blogfest.… Read more


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In the interest of still not feeling well, I thought I’d post this lovely pair of sandals that I bought on Monday. You know. Before the pukefest began. I liked them enough that I also bought them in black. And as much as I was dying to pick up a new pair of Steve Madden wedges, I think I need to stick to sort of flats for a while. Damn back.… Read more

Shoe Whore in Training

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It’s pissing rain out today and Lucy needed new shoes, so I thought I’d take her out for a little shopping. And really, she’s scuffed the fronts right off her last pair of sneakers – you can nearly see her toes coming through the one. So yes, we ended up with a pair of Tinkerbell lightups which she’s rather proud of. I also tried to find some regular shoes/boots for me (I can never find the type I’m looking for anymore.) Of course, I ended up with these. But they’re horribly smexy and the heel isn’t too high (which I’m trying to avoid for obvious reasons). And Lucy ended up with a pair of these, as well.  (Clomping around in the house with them right now, in fact.) They are wretchedly cute.… Read more

Shoe Whore Strikes Again

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Tried a girl’s day out today with ms Lucy. Aside from the toy store (Connor’s birthday is tomorrow), I made it to Kohl’s (shirts and capris, whee) and Famous Footware. God knows why I even bother going into shoe stores these days. But somehow I managed, and ooh…sales! 🙂 I bought two pairs of highly impractical shoes. Seriously. I have *no* idea when I will wear them, but here we go. (I took these via reflection, so ignore the fact that you’re seeing the inside of my messy closet. Also please note that I am very much aware I need a pedicure. Hopefully some time this week.) First pair is by RocketDog. Style is Gimme and color is Black Gravel. The front buckle gives it a sort of biker chic thing. They are definitely a bit more casual and something I’m more likely to wear on a regular basis. And… Read more

Yoda shoes…

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Meh. I had a point to make here and then I got all rambley. Sue me. I was running around Facebook today and there’s a group there that is talking about how to balance out sex and violence in their books. Mostly it’s a lot of people just talking about what they do in their own writing or what they like or don’t like. It’s kind of funny really – there’s an awful lot of people that don’t like sex *or* violence. Or just writing it maybe. So then I have to wonder…is it really that they don’t like reading/writing it, or is it that they just don’t know how to? (Admittedly this is a group of mystery/suspense writers, so there may be a bit of a bias here) For myself, I think I can read or write either – in whatever amounts are required for the story. Note that… Read more