What Price, Purity?

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Warning: This is a bit of a rant, though I’ll try to keep it toned down. Much of it can be attributed to this article on the Washington Post, about the “re-virgination of women in China.” More specifically, this quote: Some men who were interviewed agreed about the importance of finding a virgin. “I really care about virginity,” said Xia Yang, product manager for a technology company. “If you go to buy a cellphone, of course you’d want to buy a new cellphone. Who would spend the same amount of money to buy an old cellphone that’s been used for two years?”  Yeah. And then my head exploded. Can someone *please* explain to me why a woman’s sole value is placed squarely on the existence (or lack thereof) of a membrane?  I mean, yes, the virginity thing is a common trope for so many historical romances – how the heroine… Read more