No NaNo

I was actually debating doing NaNo this year. I’ve done it before and won and it is fun, but there’s just too much going on with me right now. NaNo is one of those things where you really have to want to do it, otherwise it becomes a bit of a slog.

At the moment I feel like I’m walking a pretty tight rope between work and writing, family and personal stuff and I just can’t see adding the insanity of NaNo into the mix right now.

Or maybe I’m a little jaded since I’m under massive deadline pressure with this third book. I’d love to have that sort of time and I don’t.  I’m sort of consumed with the book, and that leaves very little time for anything else. And while I do work okay under some pressure, right now I just don’t need the added bonus of anything else.

Too much, and I have a tendency to freeze up and not want to work on anything. (Overwhelmed, perhaps?) And that’s bad enough when I’m writing for fun, but I’d rather concentrate on managing at my own pace for this one, even if it’s slower than I would like.

But for everyone else taking on the challenge, I wish you luck and happy writing. 🙂

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