No NaNo

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I was actually debating doing NaNo this year. I’ve done it before and won and it is fun, but there’s just too much going on with me right now. NaNo is one of those things where you really have to want to do it, otherwise it becomes a bit of a slog. At the moment I feel like I’m walking a pretty tight rope between work and writing, family and personal stuff and I just can’t see adding the insanity of NaNo into the mix right now. Or maybe I’m a little jaded since I’m under massive deadline pressure with this third book. I’d love to have that sort of time and I don’t.  I’m sort of consumed with the book, and that leaves very little time for anything else. And while I do work okay under some pressure, right now I just don’t need the added bonus of anything… Read more


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Okay, I can finally say I did it. Finally. I’m not sure I’ll ever want to do it again, but even with a full time job, two kids, Dragon Age, two websites to run and a whole mess of stuff dealing with agents/publishers/pitching and contest wins, I managed to crank out just over 50,000 words. Which just goes to show you – if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to do it. No, I’m not being an egotistical asshole here – just making the point that excuses are just that. Excuses. (And there are plenty of people out there that managed well above the 50k mark, so it’s not like I’m some sort of NaNo over-achiever here). Are all the words good? Nope. Some of this stuff is pure crap…but, there’s quite a bit that *is* good here, or at least workable. I managed to get over… Read more

Comma Abuse

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Heh. So true. I have the worst taste in commas. LOL.… Read more


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Not burning out. Not yet.  LOL. But that Dragon Age game is kicking my ass. Been up *way* too late trying to play it the last few nights. I’m still ahead of where I need to be in the daily NaNo count, but it’s starting to slip. Gonna have to make up some ground this weekend (like I did last weekend). Writing wise, it’s going okay, though I’ve hit a point or two where if I were just writing normally, I’d stop and take stock of what I’ve put down and where I’m planning on going. Can’t do that here since I just don’t have the time. But still. I can see now that my regular pace of 1000 words a day (on work days) really is about the limit for me, at least as far as decent writing goes. Although that doesn’t count any pbp posts or the side… Read more

Zen And The Art of NaNo

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I’m sort of kidding about this. Because honestly, there isn’t much art to it. At least not for me. And I have to stop myself from going back and editing and fixing. It’s sort of painful, really – because I know what I’m producing isn’t the best I can do. But that’s the point, isn’t it? The whole idea of NaNo is to just write, without giving that inner editor a chance to pontificate over whether or not the sentence structure really makes sense, or if people really *can* muse out loud. But it’s hard – maybe doubly so for me because I didn’t actually plot anything out, other than what I sort of had down for the books I was already working on. (Which wasn’t much, panster that I am). So what this means is that I’m writing and having to make it up as I go. Well, truthfully,… Read more