*thuds* 1st Day of NaNo Over.

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And no, I’m not going to be doing daily updates on this. Just wanted to mention that I cracked past 3000 words today. Which, while admirable, doesn’t come close to standing up to some of the NaNo Writing Buddies that managed upwards of 7000. And there’s no way I can keep up a 3000 word-a-day pace, but I had a little extra time today, so I figured I’d add in some padding for the rest of the week. And truly, it worked out well. It was a very rainy day out, so aside from playing with the kids off and on throughout the day, we ended up watching a fair number of movies on the couch. The netbook is awesome for this, by the way. I could just leave it open and throw in a sentence here and there as I could fit it in.   I don’t expect that… Read more

On the Edge of…Something.

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Mmmm…finally hit 10,000 words on Moonsong – but it’s been a slog. Should hit the same on ShadowWeaver shortly as well. Which doesn’t mean anything  – it’s just an arbitrary number, but I’d like them both past that point before NaNo starts. Sort of OCD of me, I guess, but there it is. And yet, when I’ve been writing the last few days, it feels like I’m skating the edge of where the real story is. (More on MoonSong than ShadowWeaver, truthfully). Like if I can just somehow get past this last little bit, the part that actually wants to be told will be sitting there, waiting for me. I wouldn’t call it a block, exactly. More like an expectancy of some sort. And to be honest, as wretched as some of the stuff that seems to come out when I’m writing is, I’ve discovered that it’s actually nowhere near… Read more


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I’ve never done the NaNo thing before – last year I was too caught up in just trying to finish that first book to think about taking anything else on. (Plus I was taking way too many workshops). It wasn’t until about late January when I attempted to institute a 1000 word/day policy that I really started getting somewhere – I had about 28,000 words then. As of mid-April I had 102 k – you do the math. I think what it comes down to for me is that I do tend to work better under pressure. I had joined a group called Whip your WIP, which is now defunct – but something about being held accountable for a daily word count really seemed to keep me in line. For some reason I’m having issues getting back into that groove (although given the back surgery and all that, I *am*… Read more