Okay, I can finally say I did it. Finally.

I’m not sure I’ll ever want to do it again, but even with a full time job, two kids, Dragon Age, two websites to run and a whole mess of stuff dealing with agents/publishers/pitching and contest wins, I managed to crank out just over 50,000 words. Which just goes to show you – if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to do it. No, I’m not being an egotistical asshole here – just making the point that excuses are just that. Excuses. (And there are plenty of people out there that managed well above the 50k mark, so it’s not like I’m some sort of NaNo over-achiever here).

Are all the words good? Nope. Some of this stuff is pure crap…but, there’s quite a bit that *is* good here, or at least workable. I managed to get over a bit of a hump with MoonSong, and in the process I’ve now got  outlines to use for both pieces. And I can now also say that if I *really* had to do it, I could probably manage a full novel in 3 months or less. However, I’m not sure I want to work that hard just yet. If I were part-time at work or the kids were a little older, I think I could swing it a bit better. On the other hand, I now know that I can do 3000 words or more in a day if I really try. And, wow, does 1000 words a day suddenly look like child’s play. But manageable child’s play, and probably much healthier for me in the long run.

Will I do it next year? I honestly don’t know. Probably depends on where I’m at in the writing process. I needed NaNo to kick me in the ass and force me to sit down and write. Even if I hadn’t managed to get to the 50 k mark, it would have been worth it just for that. (But I just hated getting so close and not finishing, so call it my inner need to succeed. Or a raging ego. Or something.)

What’s up next? Taking a mini writing break for a few days and sorting through what I have. Now that I’m technically allowed to go back and edit, I may spend a little time strengthening the core (at least 100 pages to play with on both books) to make sure the rest of it will fall into place.

Congrats to everyone who attempted it this year. See you all on the other side. 😉

**Edited because apparently I used “Workable” like 6 times in one paragraph. Honestly. Have I mentioned I can’t even see straight?

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