DA Fangirl Shinies

Whee – Got some of my Dragon Age fangirling on in the mail yesterday with the arrival of my pin-up “Hotties of Thedas” calendar by jakface *and* my oh-so-classy “Rock Out With Your Hawke Out” t-shirt from Waiting4CoDot. (There’s also a lovely sketch of Fenris with a leash from jak too, but it’s a bit faded out here in the photo – she’s got it up somewhere on her tumblr tho, so there you go.)

I only wish the shirt had arrived sooner so I could have worn it at my book signing on Saturday. What with all the peen talk, it would have made sense.

It’s the little things, I guess, and seeing as I’m probably coming down with a killer cold, I’ll take anything that makes me laugh and feel better.

And speaking of laughter – I don’t know what it is about this picture – the rainbow or the “Kiss me, I’m Antivan” thong or what, but I can’t seem to stop giggling every time I look at it.

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