DA Fangirl Shinies

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Whee – Got some of my Dragon Age fangirling on in the mail yesterday with the arrival of my pin-up “Hotties of Thedas” calendar by jakface *and* my oh-so-classy “Rock Out With Your Hawke Out” t-shirt from Waiting4CoDot. (There’s also a lovely sketch of Fenris with a leash from jak too, but it’s a bit faded out here in the photo – she’s got it up somewhere on her tumblr tho, so there you go.) I only wish the shirt had arrived sooner so I could have worn it at my book signing on Saturday. What with all the peen talk, it would have made sense. It’s the little things, I guess, and seeing as I’m probably coming down with a killer cold, I’ll take anything that makes me laugh and feel better. And speaking of laughter – I don’t know what it is about this picture – the rainbow… Read more

Dragon Age 2 Lulz

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This has nothing to do with anything tonight except that I can’t stop laughing at it. The Fenris dance party mansion, perhaps? (Found over here –>… Read more


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Clearly I didn’t blog today. Partially this is because Dragon Age 2 has taken over my world at night. Late nights make me bleary and unable to put thoughts together. *ahem* (And by the way? Trying to rivalmance emo elf-warrior Fenris and having the romance portion not go through correctly? Sucks. He turned against me and I had to kill him. *sobs* Also, btw? The whole “I have no memory, but I have all these lyrium tattoos all over my body that help me kill and I didn’t ask for them” routine? Um. Wolverine much?) But mostly because yes, yours truly is now being treated for strep. Bleah. So. Yeah. Massive headache at the moment and all that other fun stuff, but I got my meds and some fruit juice and I suspect I’m off to go pass out for a while. *cough* Assuming I don’t roll up a mage… Read more

Made of Scars

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Someone shared this on my gaming site a few weeks ago, and since I’m rather heavily invested in my latest Dragon Age 2 run-through, I thought it was rather apropo. Poor Anders. Plus, I *really* dig the music.  (It’s Orchard of Mines by Globus, btw, in case you are interested…and essentially what they’ve done is set lyrics/reworked a bit of trailer music by Immediate Music, but it’s still pretty epic.)… Read more

Finally Rendering Again

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Talivar by =mynfel on deviantART The new machine is brilliantly fast. Poser 8 works like a dream, and after several months of not doing anything, I really got the urge to play around with it tonight. (Even though I should be…um…looking at revisions?) However, I know myself well enough to know I need to get the bug out of my system or I’ll just be sitting around thinking about it. So, here it is. This is Talivar, a Dalish Apostate – just a quick character study for a Dragon Age pbp game I’m playing. Alway helpful to get some of the details down, and so I have. (Though I got lazy, since he’s supposed to have scars all around that missing eye, but I just don’t have time to do it justice right now.) That being said, I was originally going to try to do something a bit more serious,… Read more