Rendering Concept

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Courtesan by =mynfel on deviantART Yeah, I should be writing. And I am, but just given the last few days I wanted to something fun, so I did a little concept rendering tonight. Nothing crazy, but I really like the way she turned out.… Read more


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Succubus by =mynfel on deviantART Just a late night commission I finally finished up. Been working off and on it for about a month just due to time constraints, but yay for completion. 🙂… Read more

Nightrunner Fangirling

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Shhh by =mynfel on deviantART Eh, I know I posted these two guys earlier this week, but I thought I’d actually do more of a scene this time around. So here we are. 🙂 And incidentally, Lynn Flewelling is putting together a chapbook full of Seregil and Alec stories, and requested art to go into it, so this was my offering. Don’t know if she will be able to use it, since Poser is a bit of an anathema in artistic circles, but I’d wanted to do one anyway, so win-win, either way.… Read more

A Pair

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A Pair by =mynfel on deviantART Been a while since I had any time to really render anything. This is really just a concept more than anything else. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with the faces, but part of that may just be the lighting.… Read more

Finally Rendering Again

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Talivar by =mynfel on deviantART The new machine is brilliantly fast. Poser 8 works like a dream, and after several months of not doing anything, I really got the urge to play around with it tonight. (Even though I should be…um…looking at revisions?) However, I know myself well enough to know I need to get the bug out of my system or I’ll just be sitting around thinking about it. So, here it is. This is Talivar, a Dalish Apostate – just a quick character study for a Dragon Age pbp game I’m playing. Alway helpful to get some of the details down, and so I have. (Though I got lazy, since he’s supposed to have scars all around that missing eye, but I just don’t have time to do it justice right now.) That being said, I was originally going to try to do something a bit more serious,… Read more