Render Fun

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It’s been a little while since I did any rendering, but I dusted off Poser this week to do a few trading cards for fellow author Seleste deLaney and thought I would post them here. 🙂 These characters are from her Badlands seres. <== Ever <== Spencer… Read more

Nightrunner Fangirling

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Shhh by =mynfel on deviantART Eh, I know I posted these two guys earlier this week, but I thought I’d actually do more of a scene this time around. So here we are. 🙂 And incidentally, Lynn Flewelling is putting together a chapbook full of Seregil and Alec stories, and requested art to go into it, so this was my offering. Don’t know if she will be able to use it, since Poser is a bit of an anathema in artistic circles, but I’d wanted to do one anyway, so win-win, either way.… Read more

A Pair

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A Pair by =mynfel on deviantART Been a while since I had any time to really render anything. This is really just a concept more than anything else. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with the faces, but part of that may just be the lighting.… Read more

New Render

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Soulful by =mynfel on deviantART Finally got a chance to do a render tonight. I owe a few people commissions, so hopefully I can get the rest of them done this month. I like this. It’s very simple. 🙂… Read more

Angels Can’t Write Romance…

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Angels Can’t Write Romance… by =mynfel on deviantART…or so I’ve heard. I’ve got an alternate version of this coming with some captions, but I might just have to keep them private.… Read more