Fiddle Me This.

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Donovan 2 by =mynfel on deviantART My first real attempt at Poser fiddling. Was originally intended to be the match for SteamPunk Angel (once I put clothes on him), but really frustrated with trying to work out the fingers. I don’t think it’s quite right, but I’m not sure how to fix it.  Short of just rendering him naked and thereby distracting the viewer well away from his hands.  Which I could also do. *ahem* >_< (and click on the link – the thumbnail really doesn’t give you a very good look).… Read more

SteamPunk Angel

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Steam Punk Angel by =mynfel on deviantART I don’t actually have a SteamPunk story written, but there is one percolating in the back of my head. Plus I had a perverse urge to dress Piper up. So there we go. 🙂 I went ahead and made up a new Word Whore banner for myself with it too:… Read more

Who Needs Feathers?

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Not that I usually post my images here on the blog – I don’t. But normally when I render images they’re based on characters – mine or someone else’s. In doing this one, (in between cursing Poser 8 to the lowest levels of hell), I think I’ve come up with a story based on the image. Or at least, I’ve got a couple of characters in the works now, based off the pictures. New for me. But kind of fun. Full picture here –> Who Needs Feathers? Think I’m gonna need a name. Anyone have any suggestions? LOL. (He’s wearing SteamPunk wings…whee!)… Read more

Character Commissions

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Eh well, those of you who know me know I like playing around in Poser. I’m ok at it. Certainly not a genius and I don’t really tout myself as an “artist”. It’s fun. It’s relaxing. And sometimes it’s just a nice pick-me-up to take a character or situation I’ve written about and make it come to life. For the most part, I enjoy it. Doing characters for other people is fun too – but there’s a condition to that statement. When I can connect to a person or their character – either by writing with them or through a personal friendship, it’s much easier to put my spin on it. Sometimes it’s really not, though, which frustrates me greatly. I *want* to make it work, but there are definitely times it’s like pulling teeth – either the user doesn’t give me any information or any feedback on the comps… Read more