Clearly I didn’t blog today.

Partially this is because Dragon Age 2 has taken over my world at night. Late nights make me bleary and unable to put thoughts together. *ahem* (And by the way? Trying to rivalmance emo elf-warrior Fenris and having the romance portion not go through correctly? Sucks. He turned against me and I had to kill him. *sobs* Also, btw? The whole “I have no memory, but I have all these lyrium tattoos all over my body that help me kill and I didn’t ask for them” routine? Um. Wolverine much?)

But mostly because yes, yours truly is now being treated for strep. Bleah.

So. Yeah. Massive headache at the moment and all that other fun stuff, but I got my meds and some fruit juice and I suspect I’m off to go pass out for a while.


Assuming I don’t roll up a mage for another round of DA2 or something….

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