Get Down With the Sickness

Or so they say.

4 days after Lucy finished up her meds for strep…she came down with it again. (And 2 weeks before her first round, Connor had it, so it’s just been antibiotic central here.)

And then there’s me. Who spent several hours playing the multiplayer version of the ME3 demo on Friday night (until about 2 AM or so?) Managed to give myself such a terrible case of “mouse shoulder” that I ended up drugging myself into oblivion on Saturday. Couldn’t even turn my neck.

That being said, it was hella fun. Though I should point out, I was playing with other women that I knew from various places in the Bioware fandom. So it was laid-back and helpful, even though this was my first time out. As opposed to the story that was going around on tumblr last week, where one of the ladies I know ended up with a random group of guys. Once they found out she was a girl, it was all “can I suck your tits” and shit like that. (They found out because you can wear headphones and a mic – she was trying to help one of them out and they were all “Thanks…oh, wait, you’re a girl?” And then oh, the hilarity.  Which is why so many women players tend to NOT advertise their gender online.)

Anyway, I had a good time. I won’t have much time to play in the next few months anyway, but I can see it becoming pretty addictive quickly.  I sorta hope they do the same thing for Dragon Age too.

Interview over at Laura Kaye’s blog today. 😀
And for those of you who missed it – Phin was interviewed this weekend over at A Great Read.

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