Just This Side of High

So to speak.

Somehow amidst all the “getting the plague” stuff this weekend, I also managed to gork up my neck and shoulders. I suspect the five or six solid hours of revising stuff on Saturday probably did the trick, since I have a tendency to hunch…and I don’t think I moved much.

Anyway, the fun thing about chronic pain is that when you have it in one part of your body (my lower back, in this case), it has a tendency to pretty much override everything else.

So I don’t always notice with other stuff goes wrong. Plus with the fever/aches/chill things going on, my entire body was hurting pretty bad on Sunday night anyway. So today, I went back to my regular back pain guy – it’s been about two months since my last set of prolo shots.

The good news is that the SI is really stabilizing nicely. The bad news is that everything above it is starting to go out of whack. Which means more shots. Probably very long term, just working our way up my spine.  I’m guessing this is probably going to take at least a year or more.

Assuming my wallet can handle it.

Anyway, so I mention to the pain doc that my neck is sorta bothering me and he poked at it and said it was pretty screwed up. Put me on some muscle relaxants and some sort of steroid/anti-inflam. I go to the chiro tomorrow, but if the neck doesn’t calm down, I’ll have to get an MRI. At the moment, he thinks it’s mostly muscular/joint related, but there is the possibility I’ve hosed a disc as well.

Because, you know, I just need one more goddamned issue to deal with.

Am I bitter?


At the moment, I’m completely high on the xanaflex. And while I’m working from home as best I can, there is definitely a small part of me that is babbling on about how much it really wants some Twizzlers. Or that I really should go ride around Ferelas for that rare Emerald whelping pet drop.

On the other hand, it’s taken me nearly 10 minutes to manage to write this without any spelling errors, so I don’t think anything involving hand-eye coordination is my friend.

I would totally love some Twizzlers, though.

Randomly? (As if this can get any *more* random  >_<) : Feel free to head over to Bitten by Books – they’re discussing A Brush of Darkness this week! I’ll even try to stop by to answer questions…when I’m NOT high.

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