Head Asplode

There are times when I wonder if the reason our kids are so cute is so that parents don’t eat them.

And actually, mine aren’t usually that bad – typical kid stuff, pushing boundaries, that sort of thing. But when mama is sick and doing kid duty alone, let me just say it can push my patience to the limit.

For the most part, Connor is fairly self-sufficient – he requires minimal prodding to get something done. Definitely lower maintenance these days. (Sometimes that’s sad to me, because I know time is slipping away.) Of course, he’s nearly 8…and nearly as tall as I am – which is another thing all together…since I’m 5’6′. >_<

But Lucy is another story. She’s only 4 and 1/2 and in that in between stage of wanting to be more independent and still be mama’s little girl. So, around bedtime, she suddenly “needs help” getting dressed or brushing her teeth. It’s a big farce because she does it on her own all the time when mr myn is home.

But I’m a big pushover and she knows it. And children, like sharks, can smell fear. Or something like that. So, sick mommy at home alone with the kids? *shudders*

Last night was not one of my prouder moments, but I daresay it wasn’t one of hers either.  On the other hand, there is a certain satisfaction at getting “make-up” art that just can’t be beat.

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