Working on It

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So to speak. I’m getting a little tired of constantly reporting on the negatives. Intentions being what they are, I had so many plans for catching up on the writing this weekend. And I did, a little. Still have a little more to do today to finish my daily wordcount. (Though right now I’m horrendously distracted by the premiere of A Game of Thrones on HBO. Right. This. Minute. *ahem* Hellllooo creepy blue eyed dead girl.) Alas, poor Lucy is still not well. Her fever actually spiked close to 105 last night (about 3 or 4 in the morning). Some Motrin brought it back down, but it was a long couple of hours. And considering I’d gone to bed at 2 AM, well, let’s just say intentions are great, but little sleep makes for a cranky author. At any rate, Lucy’s also picked up a hell of a hacking cough,… Read more


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Both Lucy and I are running fevers tonight, so I suspect there’s a sick day in it for me tomorrow, or at least a day working from home if she’s not feeling any better. She’s definitely got the worst of it at the moment – my temp is running on the edge of uncomfortable with an side order of headache, but it’s manageable. Of course, it would be more manageable if I could actually take drugs for it, but alas, once I start down the road with aspirin or ibuprofen, my prolotherapy goes down the crapper. Anyway, today was good in other ways, as Ye Ye celebrated his 80th birthday. He actually managed to make it out to the Peking Gourmet Inn (if you live near DC, this is *the* place to go for Peking duck, bar none. There’s a reason the walls are lined with photos of celebrities and… Read more

Cotton Head

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I hate waking up and realizing I’m on the brink of a cold. It’s not quite here and if I’m really lucky I may be able hide from its snot-loving fingers. The harbingers are unmistakable – the slightly achy head, the almost scratchy throat, post nasal nastiness, the way I suddenly feel like I’m moving in slow motion… Funny how the body has a way of telling you to slow down. I know I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a while now, and I’m definitely not getting enough sleep. (And some of those reasons have less to do with writerly things and more to do with with trying to play through Dragon Age and Awakenings before DA2 comes out next month. So,so, so excited for this game.) On the other hand, life doesn’t stop being life, even with the best of intentions. Connor’s basketball tryouts went on for over… Read more

You Give Me Fever

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So as of tomorrow, Connor will have been running a temp for well over three days. The Ibuprofen seems to damp it down temporarily, but as soon as it wears off, his temp soars back up to about 103 F. If things don’t look any different by tomorrow I’ll be taking him back to the doc’s, ’cause clearly *something* is off. Hell, the only reason I took him on Monday to begin with was because I was freaked out that it might be meningitis, since he’s been complaining about his neck. His temp wasn’t that high on Sunday, but I figured I’d take him in anyway. And then of course, I felt like the world’s biggest ass since during the doctor’s conversation with him, it came to light that while out with mr myn on Saturday, Connor had played inside one of those giant inflatable balls and whacked his neck on… Read more