Cotton Head

I hate waking up and realizing I’m on the brink of a cold. It’s not quite here and if I’m really lucky I may be able hide from its snot-loving fingers.

The harbingers are unmistakable – the slightly achy head, the almost scratchy throat, post nasal nastiness, the way I suddenly feel like I’m moving in slow motion…

Funny how the body has a way of telling you to slow down. I know I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a while now, and I’m definitely not getting enough sleep.

(And some of those reasons have less to do with writerly things and more to do with with trying to play through Dragon Age and Awakenings before DA2 comes out next month. So,so, so excited for this game.)

On the other hand, life doesn’t stop being life, even with the best of intentions. Connor’s basketball tryouts went on for over 90 minutes last night – didn’t get home until nearly 9 and neither of the kids had been fed, so late night for them there. Lucy, budding writer that she is, poked herself in the eye with her journal in pre-school yesterday…by last night it was swollen and puffy and she was freaking out about the light hurting it. So off to the doctor’s with her today – lucky for us she didn’t scratch the cornea, but her eyelids were massively red and inflamed, so I suspect she did *something* to it.

But still. It becomes a pattern with me, I think, to just keep going on until I literally can’t go any further. It’s hard though, because even as I try to kick back and relax, the gears of all those things that need doing never quite stop clacking.

Good news is the rough draft for the outline for Book 3 is done. I’m letting it sit for a few days before I clean it up. For me it doesn’t really need to be perfect – it’s more so the publisher can see where I’m trying to head, but most of the time I end up taking some sort of crazy detour anyway. Hopefully I can start writing the actual story in a week or so, after I manage to finish up the last of the blog tour. (I can see the light! Hooray!) I am rather excited by the overall concept so I’m eager to get cracking on it.

I’m over at Cheeky Reads today, speaking of blog tour stuff – talking a little bit about KeyStones.  And tonight, after I finish my Word Whore post for tomorrow I think I’m just gonna order pizza, watch AI and fight off the cold.

Which may or may not involve WoW. Or DA. Haven’t decided yet, but a little tank and spank sounds like a pretty good way to beat back a nasty virus.

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