Working on It

So to speak. I’m getting a little tired of constantly reporting on the negatives. Intentions being what they are, I had so many plans for catching up on the writing this weekend. And I did, a little. Still have a little more to do today to finish my daily wordcount. (Though right now I’m horrendously distracted by the premiere of A Game of Thrones on HBO. Right. This. Minute. *ahem* Hellllooo creepy blue eyed dead girl.)

Alas, poor Lucy is still not well. Her fever actually spiked close to 105 last night (about 3 or 4 in the morning). Some Motrin brought it back down, but it was a long couple of hours. And considering I’d gone to bed at 2 AM, well, let’s just say intentions are great, but little sleep makes for a cranky author.

At any rate, Lucy’s also picked up a hell of a hacking cough, and given her history, I’ll be taking her back to the doctor’s tomorrow. Flu or not, if she’s managed to get some sort of upper respiratory infection on top of it, it won’t mean anything good.

So a big fat Blah for this Sunday.


ETA: Aaannnnddd now Connor is running a fever too. FML.

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