Both Lucy and I are running fevers tonight, so I suspect there’s a sick day in it for me tomorrow, or at least a day working from home if she’s not feeling any better.

She’s definitely got the worst of it at the moment – my temp is running on the edge of uncomfortable with an side order of headache, but it’s manageable. Of course, it would be more manageable if I could actually take drugs for it, but alas, once I start down the road with aspirin or ibuprofen, my prolotherapy goes down the crapper.

Anyway, today was good in other ways, as Ye Ye celebrated his 80th birthday. He actually managed to make it out to the Peking Gourmet Inn (if you live near DC, this is *the* place to go for Peking duck, bar none. There’s a reason the walls are lined with photos of celebrities and politicians. Hell, I don’t even like duck and I’ll eat it here.) We used to go there more often when the Parkinson’s wasn’t as bad, so it was really nice to be able to go there with him today.

Unfortunately the establishment wasn’t able to get us the rockfish we had wanted – the owner came and told me that he’d personally gone to three different markets today to try to find it, but with Chinese New Year just past, every place was sold out. (Not that I’m a fan of any kind of fish, but it was Ye Ye’s birthday and that’s what he wanted. We made do Publish Postwith quite a lot of other great stuff, though.)

By the end of the meal, Ye Ye was looking very tired, but I’m still so grateful he was able to come out and enjoy himself. After resting for a few hours back at his house, we had some delicious cake and ice cream. Lucy started spiking the fever at about that time, so home we went. Skipping the Oscars to watch Beauty & the Beast and then everyone is off to bed, I think.

Unrelated, I was over at Selena Myria’s blog today talking about Heroes & Villains, and there’s a new necklace over at Cemetery Cat Designs as well. 🙂

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