Pushing Time

Obviously Lucy and I stayed home today. Strangely enough, she really wanted to watch “the ring movie” which apparently translated into The Fellowship of the Ring. I’m all for that, even though I was passed out for at least half of it.

I feel moderately better, but not great. Lucy has definitely perked up, but we’ll see if that lasts until the evening. Hopefully she’ll be good to head back to pre-school tomorrow.

In the meantime, I had great plans for today. Not really. Grocery shopping was on the top of my list but that’s not done yet. Two blog posts left to write, which I am procrastinating majorly on. Plus I just realized I’ve got about a month until convention season starts and I still need to order swag to give away for the panel I’m on at RT. T-shirts? Mugs? Bookmarks? Gift baskets? It’s like a never ending stream of stuff that I need to investigate and get ordered. Oh, and I need to create the ad for the AAD convention. (And more business cards. Oy. This is going to hurt the wallet.) And I need to make a flyer for the signing table for the jewelry line. And I need to reorganize my official website like I said I would three weeks ago. Get that FAQ up there and all that. Sigh.

Oh, and costumes for the RT balls. Jeffe pointed out we’re supposed to have a mask for the faery ball. It’s a Venetian thing, I guess. I don’t have time right this second to come up with something truly spectacular, but I realized I do have a very nice leather mask that I bought at a Ren Faire several years ago that I think will work quite well. And I ordered wings over the weekend. (I just hope they freaking fit in the suitcase. Thank the gods I’m flying SouthWest this time since they have no weight limit yet.) I do have a little dress I can wear…but then I found this beautiful thing on etsy last night….and yeah. I haven’t bought it yet, but I did email the seller, so that’s probably about as good as admitting that I’ll buy it.  >_<

I suspect I’m going to be a Steampunk Vampire for the vampire ball and just reuse my steampunk costume from last year’s FF&P Gathering at RWA. It fits. It’s Vampy. It might not be part of the “Hollywood” style theme, but whatever.

Okay. In the meantime, I’ve got an interview and giveaway over at Candace’s Book Blog today. 🙂

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